Collaborative Market Maps

You’ve all seen them. Don’t tell me you haven’t.

You’re looking for a new SaaS or app that does this or that. Market Maps are a kind of useful tool for collating and aggregating potential solutions for inspiration.

Here’s a few examples:

60+ Tech Startups To Enhance Your Valentine’s Day

80+ Startups Modernizing The P&C Value Chain

180+ Companies Disrupting Banking & Financial Services In Latin America

35+ Startups Transforming Concussion Care

Disrupting The Drinks Menu: 95+ Beverage Brands Taking On The Holidays

and it goes on and on. What do…

In order to understand how Vulcan works, let’s first agree some common language and terminology for the core concepts.

Example Chart

The User identity runs through every aspect of Vulcan.

Users have, by default, an Individual Account. This is a private environment for you to test Vulcan and collect your personal knowledge.

Vulcan is our latest and greatest invention — and I’m so delighted to share it with you.

As we start a new decade, what could be better than sharing news of something we’ve been working quietly and steadily working on this year.

The Vulcan Home Page —

Vulcan represents a paradigm shift in information management. It gives regular folk like you (and me) access to the information superpowers that were originally reserved…

Here at Beach, we work with pre-seed, seed and series-A stage technology startups as well as with innovation teams in later stage startups and larger enterprises, that are effectively operating like earlier stage startups.

You know the common theme runs through all of our startup clients? Uncertainty, plain and simple.

Everything is up in the air. Everything is subject to change. Everything is scenario-driven, parameterised with…

Steve Schofield

Head of MURAL Labs. Entrepreneur, family guy and adventure sports nut.

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